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Vácrátót PDF Print E-mail
More than 15.000 plants live on 28 ha in the famous botanical garden of the village. It is the biggest flora collection of the Hungarian Scientist Academy.Summer nights there are classical music concerts in the garden (tickets available in Tourinform).



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The unique bear-home (Patak u. 39.) in Central Europe opened 24.November 1998 in Veresegyház. The whole place is on 5,5 ha. 39 bears and 20 wolves can use 3,5 ha for free playing and running. 1,5 ha pine-grove helps to reconstruct the original life style of the bears - to hide, to climb etc. The bear-home is open every day of the year.

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The town is settled on the Pesti Plain, at the boarder of the Gödöllő-Hillside, in the suburban area of the capital. The main attraction of the town is the roman-catholic church; in romantic style, a work of the famous architecture, Ybl Miklós. Further sights of Fót are the Károlyi Residence (Vörösmarty tér 2.), the Fáy vine-press house (at the foot of Somlyó Hill), Németh Kálmán's Memory House (Béke u. 31.).
Nagybörzsöny PDF Print E-mail

The St. Stephan Church in gothic style and a water-mill from the XIX. century (Széchenyi tér 10.) are the main attractions of the village. The water-mill is still working and the former mill-house with the stable exists as a mill-industry museum.


Márianosztra PDF Print E-mail
One of the most popular religion places in Hungary. The name of the village came from the patron saint of Márianosztra: (Latin: Maria nostra, meaning: our Maria). Inside the church to the Hungarians' Patron Saint Maria, there is a copy of the holy-picture from the Church of Czestochowa. The village got it as a gift from the polish congregation. The Patron Saint's Festival is held in July, September and December. The baroque friary is the third greatest one in the country. Today there is a prison in the building.


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